Saturday, March 14, 2020

Drive- in Weekend Services at IHM

Until we can return to normalcy, IHM will have "drive-in" services. Our Saturday Confession time (2:30 pm -3:45 pm) will take place outside next to the priest residence. During weekend Mass times (Saturday 4 pm, Sunday 8:30 am, 11:15 am, 1 pm), we will have Eucharistic Adoration with a Liturgy of the Word proclaimed on loudspeakers (please remain in your vehicles). On Sunday, the 'drive-in' Eucharistic Adoration in the parking lot will be continuous from 8:30 am to 2 pm. In obedience to the Archbishop, no distribution of the Holy Eucharist will occur. Everyone must stay in their cars. All weekend events are weather dependent.

Friday, March 13, 2020

All public Masses are cancelled until further notice

By order of the Archbishop of Washington, all public Masses are cancelled until further notice. This includes our weekend and daily Masses. The Archbishop has also issued a dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass during this time to all parishioners of the Archdiocese of Washington. All Mass intentions will be brought to the Lord in private Masses offered by our priests. Any information regarding the return of public Masses will be here, our Facebook page, or the Archdiocesan webpage when that information becomes available. Visit for the full announcement from the Archdiocese.

Lenten Seafood Dinner Cancelled Until Further Notice

IHM's Lenten Seafood Dinner is cancelled until further notice. Visit the parish website or Facebook page to see if we will host any dinners in the future.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Mass with Healing Prayers on March 17th, 2020 has been Cancelled

Mass with Healing Prayers on Tuesday, March 17th has been cancelled. The next Mass with Healing prayers will be on Tuesday, April 21st.

Thursday, February 20, 2020


On Fridays of Lent: 
Stations of the Cross (English) - 7 pm
Eucharistic Adoration - 7:30 pm
Stations of the Cross (Spanish) - 8 pm

Thursdays after 5:30 pm Mass
Saturdays from 2:30 to 3:45 pm
Most Sundays after 1 pm Mass (approximately 2:20 pm)
First Fridays of the Month after 9 am Mass and 5:30 pm Mass
First Saturdays of the Month after 9 am Mass

Wednesday, February 19, 2020


You will notice several musical changes starting on Feb. 26, Ash Wednesday. In general, the music will be more somber. To reflect this change, we will be using the Chant Mass setting, which starts at #168 in the blue hymnal. During Lent, we do not sing the Gloria, except on Holy Thursday (remember to bring your bells to ring that evening!). Another change is that we will "fast" from music by not having a recessional song. After the dismissal, please maintain a respectful silence while Father and the altar servers process out.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Fast & Abstinence

“Denying material food, which nourishes our body, nurtures an interior disposition to listen to Christ and be fed by His saving word. Through fasting and praying, we allow Him to come and satisfy the deepest hunger that we experience in the depths of our being: the hunger and thirst for God.” – Pope Benedict XVI, Message for Lent 2009.

Ash Wednesday and Good Friday are obligatory days of universal fast and abstinence.  Fasting is obligatory for all who have completed their 18th year and have not yet reached their 60th year.  Fasting allows a person to eat one full meal.  Two smaller meals may be taken, not to equal one full meal. Abstinence (from meat) is obligatory for all who have reached their 14th year.

If possible, the fast on Good Friday is continued until the Easter Vigil (on Holy Saturday night) as the “paschal fast” to honor the suffering and death of the Lord Jesus, and to prepare ourselves to share more fully and to celebrate more readily his Resurrection.

Fridays in Lent are obligatory days of complete abstinence (from meat) for all who have completed their 14th year.

Through our works of prayer, fasting, and abstinence, let us heed the prophet Joel's exhortation to return to God with our whole heart (2:12).